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Stroke Treatment, Recovery a​nd Rehabilitation

Stroke is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability in the United States.

  • Each year, approximately 795,000 people suffer a stroke. About 600,000 of these are first attacks, and over 185,000 are recurrent attacks.
  • Strokes can and do occur at ANY age. Nearly one fourth of strokes occur in people under the age of 65.
  • Strokes can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or race.

As a licensed acupuncturist having practiced for over 20 years, I can tell you first-hand, acupuncture is outstanding for stroke recovery!

I lived and studied acupuncture for a year at one of the top hospitals for Chinese Medicine in China.  In China acupuncture is used prominently for stroke recovery.

I’ve seen many stroke victims during this time, and I’m pleased to say I have helped nearly all of them, and often seen a considerable improvement after only one session.  

Stroke recovery

Take Greg as an example. ​

Greg experienced a devastating stroke 5 months before we worked together.  He was no getting any better and experienced constant pain.  His left arm was bluish, cool to the touch and unresponsive.

Greg’s leg was badly affected as well.  He struggled to get around with the assistance of his wife, a cane and the use of his one good arm. I worked with him using 3 separate acupuncture protocols as well as moving and stretching his paralyzed limbs.

In just the first session, Greg’s pain was gone and his left arm was normal color and warm to the touch.

As we continued to work, in the next three visits he became able to push himself up out of a chair and grip with his hand.  He hadn’t been able to squeeze his wife’s hand for the preceding 5 months!

It was incredibly heartwarming to see the glow on Rachel’s face as she described what a miracle the sessions were to her husband and the improved quality of life they were able to enjoy.  

She was practically in tears with relief and gratitude. Stroke devastates entire families as all must pitch in and take precious time and energy out of their already overwhelming schedules.  Greg was now able to get in about out of a chair without assistance.  This alone was a huge victory!

Here's what Rachel, Greg's wife had to say...

These treatments have been a miracle! My 63 year old husband suffered a stroke five months ago which compromised his left leg and left arm. He was placed in a rehab nursing facility for a month where all of the efforts were focused on his leg until he was able to walk enough to discharge him. There was not much effort focused on his left arm, so it had become very rigid and curled, purplish and rather cold to the touch. He was not able to move his fingers or hand at all. After the very first acupuncture session with Tara, his pain (which had been constant since the stroke) went away and did not come back! He slept through the night for the first time in months without waking up in pain. The color of his arm become normal again and regained it’s normal warmth. By the end of the second session, he was able to squeeze my hand. Something he had not been able to do since the stroke. He is also falling much less and seems to have better stability in his legs. I know Tara has been doing acupuncture for many years and we, (my husband, myself and my family and friends) are so excited with the results with only 3 sessions with her, and we are looking forward to seeing how much continued recovery we can achieve! Tara has given us hope that we were starting to give up on. Thank you Tara!

Rachel H

Greg's wife

Tony award winner Ben Vereen said this when we were broadcasting live together from Angel Stadium on KLAA.  

"Acupuncture is a great way of healing the body.  I've used acupuncture.  I use Tara. It took me through my accident.  It helped me get back to life!  It feels wonderful!!” 

Last summer I worked with John, a married police officer and devoted family man, whose life had been devastated by a stroke.  He was unable to work or perform the kind of work he was used to at home.

Like so many victims of stroke, he was used to being a man capable of taking care of not only himself but others as well.  It was terrible needing other peoples’ assistance for life’s ordinary tasks.

When John first came to see me, he looked resigned and depressed, as you can imagine. After all the life he had always known, had just been taken from him.

His wife came with him and I could tell she was very upset and sensed the emotional trauma she was going through.

John was only able to walk with heavy use of a cane.He had lost the ability to drive and participate in all the challenging household tasks he used to complete with ease.

I spent 30 careful minutes with John while I assessed what his greatest physical, mental and verbal challenges had become.  I then used specific acupuncture protocols to send increased neurological activity to the areas of the brain, arm and leg effected.

John was so surprised at how immediately he was able to move his arm and leg with significantly more strength and through a much wider range of motion.  Each time he returned we were able to improve on John’s remaining impairments. 

Beside John and Greg, other stroke victims I have worked with report improvement with balance, strength, flexibility, relief from depression, improvement in visual field, and many other side benefits.

As with any type of paralysis, the sooner treatment is received, the better. 

When you call, I’ll be able to tell you in 10 to 15 minutes if I think I can help you.

If I can help we can make an appointment there and then for you to come I to see me.

While you're here, enjoy the following videos of Greg...