Tara Grace Perry

Tara Grace Perry, LAc, NBAO has been serving the Long Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Greater Los Angeles area since 1996. During her studies, she completed a year at one of the top five traditional medical hospitals in China as well as three years at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica. She was chosen to be the first acupuncture teacher at UCLA’s prestigious Arthur Ashe Center. This was the very first time any UC campus offered acupuncture to its students for their medical care. It was highly successful and continues to this day. 

Tara completed an additional 600 hours of study in acupuncture orthopedics and is a member of the National Acupuncture Orthopedics Board (NBAO). She is state and nationally licensed and holds a Doctor of Acupuncture (DA).

National Cerfication for Acupuncture

 Tara’s father was a member of the prestigious Price Pottenger Foundation – one of the oldest and most respected nutritional foundations in the world. He helped fund the last leg of the study that revealed the existence of Omega 3 oils. This was decades before they became mainstream medicine. Tara expanded her nutritional 

knowledge by studying the works of nutritional giants such as Jonathan Wright, MD, Alan Gaby MD, Gabriel Cousens, MD, Dean Ornich, MD, T. Colin Campbell as well as the Optimal Health Institute.

UCLA Bachelor's Degree

Tara spent four years hosting her own radio show live from 50,000 watt AM 830 from Angel Stadium. She has also been featured on local and national radio programs, television shows, newspaper and magazine articles (please see our Media page on this site). The newest edition of the informative and popular “Conceptions and Misconceptions” by Dr. Arthur L. Wisot and Dr. David R. Meldrum of Reproductive Partners in Beverly Hills credited Tara with assisting in helping some of their most difficult cases achieve a healthy pregnancy. She has spoken before audiences raging from Brandies University graduates, top Beverly Hills law firms, charity functions at the LA Science Center, business groups and women’s groups.

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