Neck and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and neck pain are among my favorite conditions to treat!  One of the greatest pleasures in my life is providing pain relief, mobility and freedom to a person’s life!

Maddie for example was fearful that she going to have to live with her severe neck pain. After the very first session, this fear vanished and she continued to make excellent progress through her follow-up care.  

It’s such a scary feeling when you can’t move your neck with comfort and ease!  I know, I’ve been there as well.  I once bolted out of bed early in the morning because I could not find a single position that was comfortable.  I had felt the pain building up in the previous three weeks, but I had not taken steps to treat the condition. I managed to get myself to my acupuncturist and was waiting at his door when he arrived that morning!  I got one treatment in the morning. By the evening, I felt my body moving back to my usual healthy self!  Relief at last!  

Greg is another example of many patients I have treated for neck and shoulder pain. Greg was in so much pain that it was his wife who called me. She told me that Greg could hardly move.  They didn’t want to have to go to the Emergency Room but they didn’t know what else to do, so they called me. Not being able to move your neck is frightening!  It was clear to me they needed help quickly.  Here are Greg’s own words to describe his experience.  

The first time I visited Tara I was in real pain with a pinched nerve on the left side of my neck. My entire neck and upper back were in spasm. My head felt like it weighed about 100 pounds (not an overstatement).   I was completely "locked-up" where any movement was difficult. I may not have the sequence of treatments that Tara implemented to deal with my situation exactly right as I was focused on just trying to control my breathing to manage the discomfort I was feeling..... but I believe she started with a light neck and upper back massage to diagnose where exactly my problem areas were located. Tara then started with acupuncture and electrical stimulation. Slowly but surely the spasms stopped and I started to regain some movement in my neck.  And thankfully the pain was greatly reduced. In further treatments Tara continued to utilized acupuncture and also introduced me to "cupping" that I've seen many high profile athletes utilize in their treatments. In less than a week's time I was well on the road back to being 100%. Given how I felt the first time I saw Tara I'll admit I was surprised with how quickly I was feeling better. I don't leave a lot of reviews on Yelp but this is one I feel very good about leaving. Highly Recommend!

Greg M.

I’ve seen many many cases of painful shoulder disabilities receive great benefit from my work.  After being crushed by huge bay doors, Alan was told he needed a complete shoulder replacement and there were no alternatives.  Alan began working with me and later a physical therapist.  Within a year he was back to his demanding work as a mechanic on trains.

Over the years I have had patients suffering with frozen shoulder, a devastating crippling condition that can last for years, sometimes on the right side, sometimes the left and sometimes even on both shoulders. Trying to navigate through life without use of your shoulders is painful, frustrating and frightening.  Utilizing physical therapy for this condition is necessary but it’s very painful.

Acupuncture, cupping and range of motion can greatly shorten the duration and intensity of suffering and provide grateful relief!  Almost always I have been able to increase the range of motion and increase the comfort. 

Here's Josh in his own words describing his journey from “frozen shoulder” to feeling fine!

I have a condition called "frozen shoulder". It's very painful and severely limits the movement of my arm and shoulders. So much so that I had difficulty even putting on a shirt or jacket by myself. I'd been experiencing this pain for a couple of months and was informed by my doctor at Cedars that it could last 1-2 years. I've done acupuncture before to little to no benefit. After a recommendation by a friend I went in to see Tara for cupping and the acupuncture. I'm more of the skeptical type but I always try and keep an open mind. 3 days after my treatment the mobility in my arms increased about 80% and the pain was significantly reduced! I was truly amazed! The condition of frozen shoulder is such that it still requires that I do exercises and physical therapy but frankly, the improvement was so vast so quickly that I've procrastinated on setting the physical therapy appointments. Tara is a true professional and clearly has a vast knowledge about this kind of treatment. The difference between the pain and difficulty I had before and after the treatment is tremendous. I can't recommend her enough.

Josh G.

Here's another example of a a patient suffering from neck and shoulder pain. Here, Brian reveals the frustration and pain of struggling with shoulder immobility and pain and not getting results from repeated doctors visits

After damaging the tendon at the top of my shoulder, I sought the help of another highly recommended acupuncturist.  After six or seven treatment, my shoulder was still no better than when I first injured it.  At that point, I opted to see if perhaps Tara could heal my shoulder.  Tara had my shoulder working just as it had prior to the injury.  I genuinely wish I had gone to her sooner…she is in a league of her own

Brian Weiner

The Illusion Factory

And here is another story from a patient I have worked with over the years.  It’s the greatest feeling in the world witnessing someone regain the ability to go participate in their lives they way they want to!

I started to feel a difference after about the 4th or 5th session.  By the 8th session I was doing windmills with my shoulder (after not being able to raise it higher than level with the floor).  The orthopedic surgeons that I met with about a year prior said you may get a little bit better if we do a bunch of therapy.  You probably won’t get worse, but this is about all you’re going to be able to do.  I went in with Tara and we did our 8 sessions and I still have full range of motion with no pain.  It’s like the accident never even happened!

Steve M.

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain, give me a call to make an appointment to come in and see me. I'll be able to help you as I have for the people on this page and hundreds of others. 

Due to a car accident that left me with a 6 mm herniated disk in my neck, I was dealing with neck pain and numbness and pain down my left arm for over a year. I’m very glad I was able to see Tara. Tara's acupuncture, cupping, electro-acupuncture and other wellness tips, got me back almost to normal within just 10 sessions! I love to play intense racquetball and I’m enjoying being back to being competitive and enjoying my life! Thanks Tara

Edward E.

I have been seeing Tara for back, wrist, elbow and shoulder pain for few years now.  Without her magical hands I would not be able to do my job.  She is very compassionate and truly knows her stuff!  She is conveniently located in Belmont Shore, has very reasonable rates (also takes insurance) and has flexible hours.  I recommend her to anyone that wants to be pain free the natural way!

Jasmine M.

I have been seeing Tara for 5 years now. I don't know how I can express how much she has changed my life. She is an amazing woman!! I can't live without her!! I get immediate relief from neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain from every session. I recommend you see her for any discomfort or pain you are feeling.

Claudia H.