Joint Pain & Movement

When Amber hobbled in the office in a boot after spraining her ankle, I could see the frustration and pain she was experiencing in her eyes. She was exhausted and annoyed with needing to pay more attention to her injury than her usual high intensity sports routine.  With just a few perfectly place needles, Amber was stunned that she was no longer limping around!  In just 30 minutes most of her discomfort vanished

2ndDegree Black Belt Brian Weiner has used our services for himself, his friends and family for years to speed soothing healing relief to injured painful joints:

Tara Perry and her organization, AcuVitale have been the first call my family and I make when something needs correction. If one of us is in pain or feeling askew, Tara's services have always proven the complete solution. She has treated me for nerve and muscle and joint issues more times than I can count, and all with a stellar success record. I have sent friends, clients, family and strangers to Tara, and all have returned the favor by letting me know how I had delivered them to a resource where they could ultimately stop the pain and heal the injury. Tara has always been forthright that some injuries will take multiple visits before they will heal. But regardless of how long they take, they ALL have healed, and it has allowed me to achieve my 2nd Degree Black Belt at 57, and still walk tall and proud, without any pain!!!! Everyone I know adores Tara for her devout expertise, depth of experience and warm patient/physician presence.

Brian Weiner

CEO The Illusion Factory

I have so many patients who rely on the safe, effective, non-toxic, minimally invasive care of acupuncture to expand their ability to enjoy their lives to the fullest.  Claudia is an amazing woman!  Putting a regular glowing smile on her face brings us both deep happiness:

I have been seeing Tara for 5 years now. I don't know how I can express how much she has changed my life. She is an amazing woman!! I can't live without her!! I get immediate relief from neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain from every session. I recommend you see her for any discomfort or pain you are feeling.

Claudia Huezo