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Pain Management, Chronic Pain and Pain Relief

Suffering from pain can make your life a misery. Acupuncture is a recognized treatment for pain relief and ongoing pain management if complete relief cannot be achieved. For sufferers of chronic pain, I am able to significantly alleviate their symptoms, sometimes completely and enable them to get their life back.  

It’s such a privilege and a joy to work with someone and see their quality of life improve.  Georgie had been suffering for years with many pain and autoimmune conditions.  She was moved from doctor to doctor receiving many different frustrating diagnoses and very little relief!  Here is her story in her word

“I'm Georgie and I've been working with Tara for 3 months. For three decades I've been looking for help with dry mouth, dry eyes, lupus, fibromyalgia, and a host of other ailments. No one could help me for a long time.  Labels for these things were finally given about 20 years ago. I had some help in management with prescriptions but mostly I had people look at me like I was a little odd for being having so many problems. What do you call it when you're always ill and looking for illnesses? Which I was not! I was looking for cures!  So I came to Tara just out of a desperate moment. I said okay acupuncture it is!  And in the last 3 months I've experienced energy! So much that I've been able to walk home from here!  It’s not that far, but it was far from me. For me it was hard to go to the corner and back!  I’ve also experienced well-being and a sense that a balanced and groundedness. And then I told her about this sinus congestion that I had that was severe enough that my ENT said that the only way to get rid of it was sinus surgery. I told Tara about that and she said well let's see if we can do something with this. And in the very first session I could feel my sinuses drain!  I went back to my ENT a few weeks later for the preparatory process. And when he looked in my nose, he pronounced that I was all clear and I didn't need the procedure

Georgie L

Bess was dealing with leg pain that prevented her from walking comfortably for even a few minutes.  She came in consistently for and in less than 10 sessions she was walking comfortably for over 20 minutes!  This was the first time she was able to do this in years!  

Claudia has been seeing me regularly for years.  Her work is very physically demanding, and she greatly appreciates getting consistent reliable pain relief for an array of joint pain and conditions.  

I have been seeing Tara for 5 years now. I don't know how I can express how much she has changed my life. She is an amazing woman!! I can't live without her!! I get immediate relief from neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain from every session. I recommend you see her for any discomfort or pain you are feeling.

Claudia H

I see Tara for severe pain related to an autoimmune disease. I experience at least three days of very significant pain reduction after each session. When I say very significant, I mean that my life has become worth living, once again. Tara, I owe you my life. Literally.

Jill N

Josh was also dealing with debilitating pain for months before coming in to see me. He had lost so much use of his leg for so long, I was unsure if we were going to get full pain relief and restoration of his leg function.  Josh’s rapid progress and near complete recovery was a welcome and heartwarming surprise for both of us!

This has been a game changer in the most real and amazing ways. I had an incident a year ago causing nerve damage to my left leg, leaving my foot and parts of my leg numb, tingling with extraordinary pain, and useless. I spent many sleepless nights screaming in agony into a pillow... and I'm being very literal when l say that. Doctors said it was possible I would never gain any feeling or mobility in that leg again. I recently began acupuncture with Tara Perry and I cannot say enough great things about her work and the results. After just 3 sessions, the range of motion in my ankle and foot (the most damaged area) has dramatically increased both in muscle activation and stretching ability. The damage done from the incident caused drop-foot as well and until recently, I wore a brace for walking support and to keep my foot from hanging and causing it to drag or catch the ground, which can lead to further injury to the affected area or a whole separate injury. Needless to say, I no longer wear the brace now and am able to walk with confidence and almost no limp, ride bike, dance, etc. and all-in-all live a more enjoyable life.

The treatment given by Tara is top-notch and on top of that, she is very knowledgeable and truly cares for your well-being. I leave there each time feeling more and more physically AND mentally stronger, uplifted, and with a true sense of peace and progress. I feel blessed to have had my path cross her and look forward to continuing because based on my experience so far, the results and progress in the short time I've been treated by Tara have exceeded any expectations or thoughts of the possibilities going into it. I won't go to anyone else.


foot drop

Josh Swackhammer

Josh S

To find out more about pain management and pain relief, visit the US Department of Health and Human Services