Stretching & Range of Motion

For so many conditions, proper stretching, strengthening and range of motion (both active and passive) are critical tools for lasting pain relief and significant healing!

The stunning improvements I have enjoyed with my patients from a wide variety of conditions are often due in small or large part to proper care of our structural bodies!  Improvement in stroke recovery, back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches and so many more conditions often require proper evaluation and care of this component.

I love working with athletes like Hannah who are looking to improve their athletic performance:

I play softball for Long Beach State. I started acupuncture with Tara in the Fall of 2017. I never experienced such improvement of my athletic performance as I did with this kind of care, and I tell all my teammates how great it is! When my classes had finals and we were off for winter break, I really missed it. I could tell a huge different when I didn’t go. I was super happy to be able to return in the beginning of Spring semester

Hannah C

Busy executives and entrepreneurs like Brian depend on efficient, accurate, long-term solutions for peak performance: 

Brian Weiner, CEO The Illusion Factory

Tara Perry and her organization has been the first call my family and I make when something needs correction. If one of us is in pain or feeling askew, Tara's services have always proven the complete solution. She has treated me for nerve and muscle and joint issues more times than I can count, and all with a stellar success record. I have sent friends, clients, family and strangers to Tara, and all have returned the favor by letting me know how I had delivered them to a resource where they could ultimately stop the pain and heal the injury. Tara has always been forthright that some injuries will take multiple visits before they will heal. But regardless of how long they take, they ALL have healed, and it has allowed me to achieve my 2nd Degree Black Belt at 57, and still walk tall and proud, without any pain!!!! Everyone I know adores Tara for her devout expertise, depth of experience and warm patient/physician presence.

Brian Weiner

CEO The Illusion Factory