Shooting for 100!

Meet “Trailblazer Dottie Frazier!”  97 years old and aiming for 100, Dottie gets her first acupuncture treatment and loves the experience and pain relief!  Dottie has suffered with low back pain since childhood and was very skeptical about whether acupuncture could help.  To her surprise, not only did the session feel wonderfully relaxing but she was able to experience being pain-free for several days.  She is looking forward to additional sessions to start this new pain-free chapter in her life.

Helping seniors find lasting effective pain relief and increase quality of life is one of the greatest pleasures in dong this work. Seniors typically find lasting improvement with pain relief, improved balance and strength, increased endurance, and a recovery from insomnia. Nothing compares to being able to dramatically improving the quality of life of another human being especially in our aging population.

Tara Perry